Due to Worksafe Regulations, we cannot accept items dropped off in person at the warehouse.

Current warranty processing time DEPENDING ON shipping delays is 30 days (in line with average)

Please ensure you have followed correct use instructions before submitting your warranty.

How Warranty Works:

  1. Complete and submit this form, then we’ll send a confirmation email (check spam folder).
  2. Submit warranty item for inspection with the email we sent or with the name and email address you used to submit this form (must be the same as form).
  3. After inspecting items, we’ll send you an email. If replacing items, we’ll send a link to the website so you can complete your warranty.
  4. Your product(s) will be shipped as normal from the warehouse. We charge a $12.95 flat-fee shipping amount rather than $12.95 per 4 items in the old system.

Tupperware Brand products are guaranteed, to the original owner, to be free of manufacturing defects and to perform under normal domestic conditions for the lifetime of the product. Warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

Items are inspected by our experienced team. 

Items that are most often declined fall under the following categories:

  • Normal product wear and tear
  • Burning
  • Blistering
  • Print coming off (e.g. dishwasher)
  • Scratching
  • Melting (including items with heat damage from food being overheated in the microwave leaving a "ring" inside)
  • Rusting (e.g. leaving in damp dishwasher)
  • Impact damage from being dropped or crushed
  • Staining
  • Product misuse
  • Lost parts
  • Items not previously sold in New Zealand
  • Fading and discolouration
  • Use of product outside of specification
  • Cookware used above 230°c
  • Ripped silicone

Please note that returns with a large number of items or high frequency of claims are automatically flagged for review. Links to all previous claims are displayed in our database alongside current claims, for tracking & auditing purposes. 

We require that FOR OLDER ITEMS (>5 YEARS) OR NOT IN OUR CURRENT RANGE, complete items need to be sent back to the warehouse. You can send back Modular mate and regular range item seals on their own. 

Why we ask for items to be sent back:

 A: We can check your replacement part fits correctly in which case we will send the complete item back to you with new part. It is easy to send out the wrong item due to mold numbers matching multiple parts or incorrect information being entered by claimants. 

B: If we cannot provide the replacement part, we will replace the item with the same or similar item or voucher equivalent. We will send a voucher that covers your warranty products and contributes to the cost of sending items in to us. 

We have introduced the ability to select an alternative to our replacement suggestion if you choose to do so or add other items to your cart.

Send in any warranty items that are 5 years or older or seals on their own. This means Modular Mates and seals belonging to items less than 5 years old can be sent in without the base. 

Please DO NOT drop off warranty items to your consultants home without asking them first. No responsibility is taken for items dropped off unless by prior arrangement.

Feel free to drop off warranty items at your local monthly Tupperware event with items together in a bag. The average warranty time currently is 4 weeks due to COVID related shipping delays. We will let you know when we are ready to send you a replacement item coupon.

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To Start A Claim Open A Ticket And Select New Warranty

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